What we stand for

How we think about Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion matters. Diversity is at the core of who we are. And our commitment to both is unwavering.

We believe in creating opportunities for talented people, regardless of the boxes they might tick on a form. Though talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not – and we strive to change that.

We recognize visible and invisible identities, and acknowledge biases that affect people. We see such biases and strive to create balance within Fjord.

Our individual experiences naturally influence the work we do. By weaving diverse perspectives into our work we in turn create services that speak to all humans—by design.

Inclusion and diversity is an ever-changing landscape. Our journey to achieve comprehensive equality is long and winding – but our resolve is strong.

How Inclusion and Diversity affects our day-to-day

Our brilliant and diverse teams fuel Fjord’s successes. We seek people whose unique perspectives and experiences will enrich and bring depth to our work, and create a more enriching work environment.

We welcome views that differ from our own, we seek opportunities to broaden our minds, and learn from each other. We advocate for each other, even when we disagree.

We acknowledge that everyone has a different starting place and faces different challenges throughout their lives and careers.

Empathy is critical to being human-centered designers. We consciously develop this skill so that we can do our best user-centric work and collaborate with our colleagues with respect for our differences. We encourage freedom of thought and expression.

How we achieve our Inclusion and Diversity goals – as one

Our actions are reinforced at every level within our organization. Our commitment starts at the top—as leadership instills responsibility for fostering inclusion in every one of us. In turn, we hold our leadership accountable to enabling us to achieve our goals.

We are globally united and locally individual. Each of our studios resides in a city with its own demographic mix and identity, which we aim to reflect in our people and in our work.

Across our studios, more than forty Inclusion Leads run regular events and initiatives designed to help us understand each other better and make every Fjordian feel heard, understood and valued.

We reach outside our comfortable social networks and typical competitor set to recruit and promote people who bring diverse perspectives to our teams. We believe the future workforce is an equal one. We have committed to a gender-balanced workforce, and we achieved that goal across our global team in 2019. We continue our focus on all aspects of gender equality by recognizing and rewarding talent, sponsoring women at all levels, advancing skillset development, and fast-tracking high-performing women into leadership positions.

As part of Accenture our stand on inclusion and diversity ladders into theirs. Read about Accenture’s #GettingToEqual research and more on Inclusion & Diversity at Accenture.