We put design at the heart.

At Fjord, we have the opportunity to design the world we want to live in – one that propels us forward, one that works with us and for us. We’re passionate about rethinking how things operate every day. There’s always a better way, and we make it our business to look for it.


What we do

We design for human impact.

We put people first, to design, build and launch experiences that redefine industries in our constantly evolving digital era.

We make sense of the latest technology to design digital products and services that surprise and delight the people who use them. By helping our clients to meet customers’ needs and to exceed their constantly, growing expectations, our work enables businesses to transform and thrive in a tricky environment.

As technology develops, it rapidly changes the way people live, work and play – and their expectations shift just as fast. Right at this moment, we’re talking about artificial intelligence, voice-activated assistants, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), but innovative technologies spring up all the time. Fjordians strive for elegant simplicity – it’s hard to achieve but it’s crucial for focusing our minds on our users and helping us to make sense of the complex digital landscape.

Achieving longevity in this world where technology, lifestyles and expectations never stand still is a huge challenge. Our response is to design Living Services – digital experiences that are responsive to the user and the environment, able to shape-shift and renew themselves to remain relevant.


How we do it

We use the magic of our combined skills to tackle our clients’ challenges. Some clients are already thriving and hungry to stretch their brand or squeeze maximum impact from a new opportunity. Some want new products or services that they can launch to customers quickly. Some ask us to transform their organization and their culture so they can become more innovative and get user-centered products to market faster. Some seek to improve their engagement scores. Others are after a disruptive idea that will allow them to spearhead a shift in the market.

Whatever the challenge, we have the skills and experience to help. As part of Accenture Interactive, we’re in a unique position to transform organizations on a huge scale.

So how do we help? In three critical ways:

Design-led strategy

We drive business value by pivoting your service, product or entire organization, with people held firmly at the heart. Through design-led strategy, we can help to frame why it’s necessary to make such a change, who for, and how it will make money.

Service design

We envision and shape services that simplify the complex for consumers and employees, and that work across multiple touchpoints. We invent or reinvent the services themselves, and we design how they interact with users and with your ecosystem.

Product creation

We shape, build and launch digital products and connected products that have impact. We drive the whole process, from defining the scope and detail of the challenge right up to delivering the result to market.


What we believe in

We employ forward-thinking developers, creative technologists, data designers, content designers, visual designers, interaction designers and business strategists – to name a few disciplines. We have more than 1,000 exceptional Fjordians working in 27 studios around the world. Our multi-disciplinary teams work together to grapple with whatever challenges our clients bring to us. We flex and refresh our design approach to create human-centered services, experiences and products that fit perfectly in our shared present – and that shape our future.

In a world of constant change, this how we approach every project. It is what we believe in.

Elegant Simplicity

Design that wins hearts and minds is both intuitive and beautiful.

Fun and Collaboration

Our working dynamic champions collaboration and co-creation. It delivers better results, closer alignment and it’s more enjoyable, too.

Emotion and Logic

Our start point is to align with the user to solve problems. But we also bring in analytical tools to meld data and creativity.


Our people and teams are cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-industry – and always experimenting.

Constant innovation

From our cutting-edge client work to groundbreaking prototypes, everything we produce is geared to be the best (and often first) of its kind.

Design never stops

Once it goes live, all design can be improved, if only you can understand how it’s used in practice. We work with clients to optimize based on KPIs and real-time evaluation.