today is a good day to

Join our growing family

We are growing! There are many great positions open across our studios. Here are some reasons why we think you should join.



We’re a family of Fjordians


Fjord is a tight-knit community. It is comprised of more than 1000 unique individuals in 26 studios across the world. Together, we’re one. We help each other out to become better in what we do. We meet up once a year face to face at Fjord Equinox – a meetup to collaborate, ideate and celebrate.






We create playgrounds for you to flourish


Fjordians are on a constant quest to evolve. That is why we’ve created Fjord Evolution, our dedicated brain trust. Fjord studios serve as unique spaces for exploration, collaboration and innovation. If you are keen to see the world, the global network of studios offers amazing opportunities to expand your horizons. We want to provide you a chance to combine diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas to make an impact.





With us you can change the world


We combine empathy and ambition, designing with our hearts and minds to shape the ways people live, learn, work and play. Whether we’re working with clients, funding our people’s own passion projects or giving back to the community we’re always striving to make an impact. Here are some of our current projects.




Become a part of our vibrant culture


Fjord culture is one rooted in honesty, empathy, collaboration and mutual respect. It is what we believe in. We work side by side as equals, while growing closer through treasured traditions like our Friday breakfasts and annual Equinox. Every year we send a group of colleagues on a Fjord Journey to see a real Fjord. Here is what Daniel wrote about the last trip to Canada.


A powerful partnership


We like to joke that it was us who acquired more than 401,000 of the world’s best strategists, domain and industry experts and tech wizards. With Accenture we are equipped to drive meaningful change on a massive scale. We share a common goal of making the world a better place and the reason behind our successful partnership has been to recognize what to combine and what to keep distinct.



This is where you come in


If you share our values, we hope you take the time to browse through our open positions and apply. Today is a good day.

We foster an atmosphere that lets people thrive.
Olof Schybergson Founder and CEO