Mark Curtis

10 years of Fjord Trends


The annual creation and curatorship of Fjord Trends has long been one of my favourite roles at Fjord. This year is extra special, as the 2017 Trends will be our tenth edition, a significant anniversary.

Back in 2008, when our first ever Trends report was launched we were a mere 80 Fjordians in four European studios. This year, we’re an 800+ strong team spread out across 23 studios, on five continents. As always, this year’s trends come directly from the Fjordians. Everyone gets involved; from designers, to developers to HR – which is what makes the Fjord Trends so special.

Since September we have held workshops in every Fjord studio around the world, gathering insights and predictions from the people on the frontline, who work with and develop transformative services for our clients every day. I truly believe that this is what makes our Fjord trends predictions so successful.

From 2008, where we predicted that GPS would be the new camera, to 2016 where we looked at employee experience and big data etiquette – we have come a long way!

Take a look at the video below where I, together with Fjord founder and co-lead Olof Schybergson, and Fjord London Group Director, Abbie Walsh, take a look back over some of our hits and misses of the last nine years. And, look out for our 2017 trends report, due December 2016!

Mark Curtis

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