A new era for Fjord

Olof Schybergson

Today Fjord will enter an exciting new phase as part of Accenture Interactive. With this major milestone, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come and what this means for our team.

It’s an emotional day for me. I’ve felt a bit like this on a few occasions in the past – it’s almost like graduation day: proud of what I’d achieved, emotional about the past, and facing a new world of possibilities.

Mark Curtis, Mike Beeston and I started Fjord twelve years ago in London. We set out to build a company that designs meaningful digital services that improve people’s lives in ways both large and small.

Mike Beeston in Fjord’s 1st office.

Working out of a small, cramped office in Camden Town, it turned out to be a particularly bad time to start a new company focused on innovation and digital service design. By spring 2001, the dot com bubble had burst in a spectacular fashion, and no one was interested in digital, let alone innovation. However, we found a few clients who were willing to bet on us, and we designed some great services for our early clients like Orange and Nokia, and later for the BBC.

Over the last eight years, our momentum has continued to grow as both design and mobile have become critical parts of most new services. We have assembled the best team in our space, and we work out of nine creative cities in Europe and the U.S. We partner with brilliant clients working in important domains and across five continents.

Our first “Equinox” company retreat, at Mike’s farm in 2004.

I’m incredibly proud of our team of “Fjordians,” of our spirit and attitude, and of what we’ve accomplished together. Each day we engage with tricky problems and create benchmark-setting solutions and bits of magic that put a smile on the face of end users. We have built the type of company that I had dreamt we could build, back in 2001.

For some time we’ve known that if we really want to seize the opportunity ahead of us, we need to do it in partnership with someone else. The need and demand for digital transformation is growing, and for some opportunities Fjord only offers part of the needed solution, not all of it. Since we’re an ambitious team, we want to change the world – we want our design and innovation to touch lots of people. To do this globally and at scale, we needed to look beyond the borders of Fjord.

The decision to become part of Accenture Interactive makes sense for three reasons. The first reason is about vision: Accenture Interactive share our vision for the future where services adopt around the individual, and design is at the heart of powerful business transformations. The second reason is skills: Together, Fjord and Accenture Interactive will represent a truly unique set of talent and skills. Our combined expertise means that we can offer clients a spectrum of best-of-class skills covering design, technology, marketing, and data. And finally, talent: Fjord and Accenture Interactive share a common dedication to building great teams and cultivating talented individuals.

A very appealing aspect of this is that it allows us to continue to do what we set out to do right from the start—create services that people love. It has been an amazing journey so far, and it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, dedication and inspiring creativity of the people who have made Fjord what it is today.

In this next chapter together with Accenture Interactive, we will play a key role in transforming our clients’ business, and design will be at the heart of the transformations. It will be a great journey, and one that I’m proud to be a part of.

Olof Schybergson

To read more about the news, please check out the press release here.

The 2012 Equinox company retreat in Sicily.





Olof Schybergson

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