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Cannes Lions: Building Better User Experiences in a Connected World


Well, I wish I could say I was writing this from the beach here in Cannes. Trust me, I tried. But the WI-FI cuts out just outside the Palais des Festivals. Even so, I’m excited to be here to show off the awesome work we’re doing at Accenture Interactive, Fjord and Chaotic R&D.

Today our (in)famous Chaotic R&D team debuted iCannesDance, an installation featuring a cutting-edge combination of technologies, manifested in a pretty awesome way. We scan participants and generate their 3D double—then equip it with dance moves. If you aren’t on site, just search #iCannesDance and you’ll see what the hype is about.


I was also fortunate enough to hit the Cannes stage for a short session on Invisible UI, a concept that our R&D team in Austin has been exploring extensively through projects like Invoc, UnderCurrents and even Noti-FLY (which, by the way, is trouser-integrated tech that send you a push notification when your zipper is down).


By Invisible UI, I’m referring to a strategy that we believe to be the future of design and, more specifically, the future of wearables. It’s the idea of progressing beyond the screen and eliminating swiping, tapping and all of the ways we’re accustomed to interacting with technology. It’s about seamlessly integrating tech into what we already have and what we’re already doing. It’s about making things easier, more efficient and more natural to the human experience than ever. Because that’s what we’re all about: building a better user experience in a connected world. And when we think beyond the screen and look at human bandwidth, natural human behavior and the idea of using the human body as an interface and the controller… when we look at the idea of designing around human senses and different ways we can get information in and out of the human body… the possibilities, really, are endless.


Christine Removille, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive and her client, Patrick Hoffstetter, Renault’s Chief Digital Officer, also presented today. They talked about the connected customer revolution through the 6th screen – our car. Christine and Patrick showed us the value of the car as the sixth screen, reminding us that the average person spends 3-4 hours in their car each day. And since we are forbidden by law to use our mobile devices while driving, the car provides a fantastic captive audience, where car-makers can now transform the control panel into a personal connected network. AI has done just that with the My Renault app that allows the consumer to drive a safer car, control the functions in their car, and connect them with their personal network, creating an enhanced consumer experience that can only be realized in their car.


There is incredible potential to create amazing user experiences. And that is potential we plan to be exploring more in the coming days, weeks and months—both through our client work and the independent innovating of our R&D lab.

So stay tuned. You won’t believe what we’ll have to show and tell you at Cannes Lions in 2017.

John Fremont

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