Jonas Hoglund

Cannes Lions Workshop: Design Thinking for Health Innovation

Fjord Design Directors Jonas Höglund and Thomas Müller launched the Accenture Interactive Cannes Lions presence with a hands on workshop at Lions Health: Design Thinking for Health Innovation.

The session kicked off with an icebreaker. We asked the participants “What do you value most: Convenience or Privacy” and we asked people to place themselves on an imaginary line between the two extremes. Turns out, most people value convenience!

We introduced the participants to the idea of Personas. A persona is a design tool that focuses decision-making on people. There were three prepared personas representing three different types of people touched by diabetes. Benjamin – a six year old with Type 1 diabetes, John – his 50 year old father, Rebekkah – Benjamin’s teacher. Each group was assigned a persona and we provided them with information about the wants and needs of each. Each group first familiarized themselves with their persona and added personal characteristics and drew the person to really bring the persona to life.


We then introduced the 2016 Fjord Trends. Thomas Mueller outlined three trends: Taking Things off the Thinking List, Healthy is the New Wealthy and Watch it Listens. For each trend the groups identified opportunities and challenges using the trend as a lens.

The quantity and quality of the health innovation ideas were truly impressive. Here are just a few of the innovations from the groups:

Taking Things Off the Thinking List

  • Artifical Intelligence that learns what makes Benjamin have a good day and automatically modifies insulin.
  • An app that allows a teacher to take a photo and gives back information on blood sugar levels and insulin dosage based on carb.
  • A version of SnapChat that communicate necessary info to parents.

Healthy is the New Wealthy

  • Create a service that makes a family activity with rewards for adherence – gamify compliance.
  • Create a celebrity diabetes buddy – a celebrity or sports star with similar challenges to be a virtual pen pal.
  • A teddy-bear with diabetes that Benjamin would keep healthy to help him learn how to take care of himself.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 09.16.00

Watch…It Listens

  • Voice detection to identify stress or low energy and inform parents plus start advice prompts.
  • A wearable alarm for low blood sugar/and activity levels that nudges the wearer, like a t-shirt.
  • Proactive alarm for low blood sugar with Google Jacquard.

Some challenges the group recognized were the inherent traits of a six year old or teenager, the cost of to the families, reliability and trust of the technology, and privacy issues.


In wrapping up the session, participants shared their learnings and insights:

  • Easy to come up with ideas quickly by looking at trends.
  • What can be imagined equals what’s possible.
  • Experience will be the currency.
  • The value of simplicity.
  • Look beyond the patient.
  • Look to unexpected brands for partnerships.
  • Interactive sessions at Cannes Lions are the most interesting.

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you to all the session attendees for their fantastic input. To see full workshop output, see below:

Jonas Hoglund

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