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Fjord x Hyper Island World Tour

We are living in a time of remarkable change. Powerful trends are reshaping businesses, driving new technologies, shifting talent needs, and changing human behaviour. More than ever, being a designer today requires you to understand and apply those trends across an ever shifting landscape.

We have teamed up with our friends at Hyper Island, together with the change-makers of tomorrow (that’s you!), to explore the trends transforming society and skills needed as a designer. Throughout 2016, we will be opening up the doors to several of our studios across the globe. We invite you join us and Hyper Island, to explore the key trends transforming society and to take a deeper look at what we believe is the third era of digital – Living Services.

The events will be fast paced and fun, no specific background or qualifications are needed to attend – as long as you are curious and collaborative, with an immense interest in digital innovation, design and how the two can transform our future.

We kicked off the world tour in our London studio in March. It was a brilliant evening with lots of bright minds and inspiring conversations, workshops, creation, future glancing and knowledge sharing.

Join us for one of our upcoming events – more dates to be added soon:

April events:

Hyper Island x Fjord World Tour – Helsinki

Hyper Island x Fjord World Tour – Berlin

May events:

Hyper Island x Fjord World Tour – New York

(more to come soon…)

Watch the video below from our first three events in London, Berlin and Helsinki:


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.51.21





Ida Jensen

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