Good Return

Empowering the financially disadvantaged

Over 80% of Cambodians don’t have access to banks or regular financial institutions, making financial awareness a struggle for many of the 480,000 micro-business owners living and working in a cash-only economy. We created My Money tracker with these people in mind.

Good Return’s mission to help end extreme poverty by 2030 means it’s vital to scale across South-East Asia and Pacific quickly and efficiently. With smartphone adoption rapidly growing in the region, creating a smartphone app and other digital capabilities can help them reach many more entrepreneurs, their family and communities faster and cheaper than traditional analog forms.

Good Return asked us at Fjord and Accenture to create a digital tool that would empower low-income Cambodians to become more aware of their personal and business money flows. Our aim was to enable them to make more informed and mindful decisions about their money, increase microfinancing opportunities – a crucial factor in making responsible investments toward business growth and improved living conditions.

Strategy and solution

We researched, designed and developed a custom smartphone app. My Money Tracker makes recording and tracking income, expenses, debt and credit easy and intuitive for people that primarily live and work in a cash economy.

Designed in both Cambodian Khmer and English, My Money Tracker is the first money tracking Android app designed specifically for Cambodians. Informed by a deep understanding of Cambodian micro-business owners’ needs and situations, the app helps keep track of their money habits within their daily routines.

The app tracks daily cash flow and helps understand profit and loss patterns. It records and tracks money owed to them and they owe to others and helps understand progress over time to help make more informed decisions for the future.

The app is currently in Beta testing with group of users, where we’re tracking adoption and engagement metrics, as well as indicators of human impact using analytics, interviews and surveys at key moments before, during and after the Beta phase. Using the Beta research insights, the team will iterate My Money Tracker to improve functionality and usability before releasing the app publicly on Google Play Store, where the team will measure the true impact at scale.

For the user the app educates, motivates and builds confidence through a more organized approach to personal finances with the aim of helping them to increase monetary savings or income due to financial behavior changes.

For Good Return, the solution increases number of possible microfinance and education partnerships, reduces cost of training and minimizes time to market and increase number of micro-businesses using My Money Tracker.