Putting people in control

Re-envisioning mobile banking

In a market known for its reliance on cash, Turkey has one of the world’s most dynamic banking cultures. Prices are set by haggling prowess rather than the cash register. It’s not uncommon for people to juggle several bank accounts to manage their finances. However, thanks to a rapidly urbanizing population that’s embracing all things mobile, people are demanding faster and more accessible ways of banking.

Banks like Garanti, Turkey’s second largest bank, are responding with faster and more innovative mobile services. Fjord is deeply involved in Garanti’s reinvention of banking, helping the bank create a new wave of services that are transforming Turkey’s digitally savvy population into smart leaders of their own finance revolutions.  Together, Fjord and Garanti are turning traditional banking on its head. One service in particular, iGaranti, signals a new era in how people manage their money.

Traditional banking is over

Fjord and Garanti knew that if they were to truly reinvent banking, they had to design a service that would make an emotional connection with consumers. Taking a user-centered approach, the Fjord design team carefully examined the relationship people have with banks and their finances. The team also explored some of the new patterns of behaviour emerging in Turkey thanks to the phenomenal popularity of mobile.

The results equipped Fjord and Garanti with the vision for an experience that would reimagine every aspect of banking: iGaranti.

Highly attuned to users’ individual needs, iGaranti was developed to be as live and fully connected as possible, merging users’ real life requirements with transformative digital services that connect the offline with the online. Crucially, the driving philosophy behind developing iGaranti has centred around actually letting the bank itself take a back seat and instead, putting the individual in control of their money.

Cashless utopia

iGaranti, is a revolutionary new mobile service, that provides a wholly new approach to banking. It offers users a comprehensive array of innovative personal finance tools within one definitive service, devised specifically for mobile devices. Rather than existing as a mobile application, iGaranti is unique in that it ‘atomises’ the bank into a series of applications. The service aggregates wallet, savings, loans and offers apps, enabling users to customise according to their needs. iGaranti packs in more innovation than we have ever seen in one financial services app, or website for that matter.

Live: iGaranti allows live updates and financial offers in real-time

Social: there’s deep social integration that lets users send payments to friends via Facebook

More than touch: voice control to support hands-free money transfers

Truly a mobile wallet: users can make in-store payments from multiple credits cards. In addition, when it comes to accessing cold, hard cash, iGaranti allows users to securely pre-alert an ATM to your arrival, removing the need for a physical card.

It puts people, not the bank, in control of their money: fitting with Fjord’s approach of people first.

Turkey has the largest amount of people using mobile banking, making it a mobile banking ‘hotspot’; it’s perhaps no wonder, then, that services like iGaranti are leading the charge in re-envisioning banking as we know it.